Photo grammetry & 3D

We take advantage of new technologies for our clients to speed the process of making 3d models and at the same time reduce expenses. One of this technology is photogrammetry.
Instead of paying and waiting for the item to be modeled, we shorten the process as much as possible by scanning in our studio or at your place.

Latest inovation in scanning and making 3D models for Augmented Reality, movies, games or VFX is called NeRF (Neural Radiance Field). This tecnology is completely new and unknown even to 3D experts.
Things for which until recently you had to allocate huge amounts of money and required expensive equipment can now be made in a short period of time with a reduced investment.


Realistic Avatars, food, clothes or footwear, we can help you make 3d models in short period of time.


Are you hungry seeing this braid? Yes you are :) Super realistic food to lure customers into your restaurant.


Give buyers chance to see a product before buying. Return rate are dropping by 40%. And conversion rates rise sky high.


Realistic avatars for Metaverse, game or Augmented Reality lens? No problem, we got you :)

Let’s create progress together