Augmented Reality

We create AR experiences for everything. Most popular and most advanced Augmented Reality today are socialAR platforms like Meta, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.
SocialAR platforms are ambassadors for Augmented Reality and billions of people are enjoying AR lenses and AR content on a daily basis.

webAR experiences which are created for native mobile browsers on your mobile phone, meaning, you don't need to install any new app to see AR. AR Future is app-less experience. Nobody wants to install new app. Period.


We can create a viral AR lens for Meta, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. You will get millions or even billions of views organically.

You can download our PDF presentation to see possibilities of each socialAR platform.

Meta Spark - Instagram and Meta

Meta & Instagram

One of the largest audience of all socialAR platforms. Face and hand recognition, 2D body recognition are some of their features. One of special features are Augmented Reality Ads.

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Lens Studio - Snapchat


Most advanced AR platform, mostly for the younger population. Advanced ML (Machine Learning) gives Snapchat advantage in complexity and AR possibilities. Features like "Try on" for clothes, footwear or watches ar here by default.

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Effect House - TikTok


Newest player in socialAR is catching both predecessors (Instagram and Snapchat). This platform comes with a very large user base and provides great opportunities brands and services.

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