Augmented Reality for Instagram and Meta

Daniel Pikl is an award-winning Augmented Reality artist and advisor, who helps businesses and evoke new emotions using immersive experiences.

More then 50 million impressions and 400 different AR lenses built for all kind of experiences and businesses.

Instagram & Meta AR filters

Realistic Avatars, food, clothes or footwear, we can help you make 3d models in short period of time. We have created more than 1000 filters for almost every niche you can imagine.

Best place to see all AR creations for Instagram is Instagram :) You need to visit with on your phone of course.


Are you hungry seeing AR food? Yes you are :) Let's create together super realistic food to lure customers into your restaurant. Every customer want to see food before ordering and images are so lame :)


Give buyers chance to see a product before buying. They can even try to wear new shoes right in their home or office. Return rates are dropping by 40%. And conversion rates rise sky high.


Realistic avatars for Metaverse, game or Augmented Reality lens? No problem, we have you covered. Modelling or creating 3D model using photogrammetry, NeRF or Gaussian Splatting, it's no problem for us.

Clothes & Accessories

Your clients can wear clothes before even try real one. Also, matching new purse with your new dress is easy to achieve. Maybe you're looking for a Virtual mirror, so custmers can try clothes even when the store isn't working? We got you.

Real Estate

Is there any better way to show inside of an apartment to potential buyer without AR? No there isn't. If you want, you can show complete building with yard and pool. We can scan whole property with drone and make it visible through AR experience.


Everytime you need to buy new piece of furniture going to countless stores makes you tired immediately. Why don't you use Augmented Reality to show every piece of furniture you sell embeded on your website or through AR, so buyers can see how it looks in real size. They don't even need to go to the store anymore.

Let’s create progress together